RAWR is a creative collective film production company creating films for all mediums & platforms, engaging audiences through original stories told with a distinct immersive style. At RAWR we create memories not moments. We write, produce, and create films for advertising, music videos, documentaries and dramas. 

We continually challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what's possible, this is how we rise above the average noise and stand out. We are memorable and we have fun with it. Lets collaborate and tell your story, we might just surprise you.



A powerful story can deliver a thousand stories far stronger than the pounding of a beating heart. Reverberating in your chest, the echoes of a good story can flow through your veins sending shock waves of meaning throughout your entire body.

A story does not tell us what to believe, nor what to fear, but gives us the opportunity to delve into the mind and memory of another and come out the other side, hand in hand. It allows us to escape to a world different from our own - to become absorbed and hopefully changed because of it.

If you can show people what they already know but have forgotten, and allow them to reimagine what is familiar, you can leave an impression on their soul that will stay with them forever. If you can make a room full of people laugh, cry and feel afraid at the same time, you will leave a memory, just like a family name, that will live on.

We are in the business of storytelling. And we only tell good stories.